AFN President, Tonobok Okowa Urges Nigerians To Vote For Amusan

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria, AFN president, Chief Tonobok Okowa has urged Nigerians to vote for Tobi Amusan who was nominated for the World Athletics Award.

Amusan is one of the ten candidates named on Wednesday by World Athletics for the top athletics prize in the world.

Amusan, in the opinion of AFN President Tonobok Okowa, is not only deserving of the nomination but also of being named the greatest in the world this year.

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“2022 has been a very successful year for Nigerian athletes and Tobi is the icing on the cake of the incredible season we have had,” says Okowa who has superintended over a number of firsts since he took over as the head of the governing body for athletics in Nigeria.

“The fact that Tobi was nominated is a positive development for us as a federation and a nation as no Nigerian athlete has ever made it to this level.

Now we need to go a step further by playing our part to see that our darling Tobi is crowned the best in the world come December,’ added Okowa who asked Nigerians to go to World Athletics social media platforms to vote.

According to a statement on World Athletics website, fans can vote online via the World Athletics social media platforms.

Individual graphics for each nominee will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube this week; a ‘like’ on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube or a retweet on Twitter will count as one vote.

The World Athletics Council’s vote will count for 50% of the result, while the World Athletics Family’s votes and the public votes will each count for 25% of the final result.

Voting for the World Athletes of the Year closes at midnight on Monday 31 October.

At the conclusion of the voting process, five women and five men finalists will be announced by World Athletics.

The winners will be revealed on World Athletics’ social media platforms in early December.

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